Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Vote

Accept it, that all of you are acclimated of watching Bigg Boss. Right?  It is possible that you purposely came finding here the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting System or staggered the same. Whatever the reason is, you in the end are in the correct place, here; we all be unfurling all of the data regarding with Bigg Boss vote, Bigg Boss Telugu, and the voting process.

The TV show Bigg Boss has been generally cherished and increased in value by individuals of the nation. In this way, it barely came as an unexpected when the Telugu-adaptation of this most loved reality demonstrates turned into a colossal hit.

The Telugu version of Bigg Boss debuted on sixteenth July 2017. The show went off-air on 24th September 2017. Everybody was anxious for the second release of the Bigg Boss Telugu and finally; the second season of Bigg Boss has begun from 10th June 2018.


Bigg Boss Vote
Bigg Boss Vote

The 2nd season of Bigg Boss Telugu guarantees to be as energizing as its antecedent. The show has discovered another host Nani who replaces the previous host Jr. NTR. As of now, the Bigg Boss 2 is making a swell in the TRP evaluations and is required to expand more. The show is being broadcasted on the Star Maa (a channel of the Star India Private Limited) channel every day at 9:30 pm IST and at 9 pm on the ends of the week. The show will keep running till 100 days and highlights sixteen members.

The biggest USP of the Bigg Boss reality show lies in its unique concept. 16 participants are all set to live in a special home. In their tenure of these 100 days, the participants have no provisions to connect with anyone else. The house does not have any means of communication.

As the show goes on, one of the participants has to leave the house. The housemates have the provision of nominating two of their fellow contestants. The contestants who receive the maximum nominations will be shortlisted and appear in the danger zone. The audience vote will ultimately decide their fate.

Consistently one candidate will be demonstrated the exit. At last, it comes down to three to four individuals as it were. Amid the finale, another round of voting cycle chooses who will win the title. The disposal paradigm is exclusively on the group of onlookers votes. Anybody watching Bigg Boss 2 Telugu can vote in favor of their most loved member through missed calls and online voting.

Here are complete insights about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote steps and technique. The Second Season of Star maa Bigg Boss Telugu demonstrate kick began on 10th June 2018. The online poll for Contestants has start and watchers can make their choice for most loved Eviction hopeful. According to huge manager runs, Every week three competitor will be choose for Public voting. To find out about Bigg Boss Voting (Telugu Season 2), Elimination member Missed Call Number Details.

Bigg Boss Vote Telugu (Online Voting):

Bigg Boss Vote

All of the selected 16 contestants have been secluded in partitioned house in Hyderabad. They going to remain for 100 days and group will screen them with 60 cameras around full house. Consistently, Housemates will assign three to five of other member for removal, from that the housemate who gets most number of selection should go for public poll.

BIGG BOSS TELUGU VOTE – 7’Th Week Elimination | Vote and Save Your Favorite Contestant

  • Kaushal Manda
  • Babu Gogineni
  • Ganesh
  • Amit Tiwari
  • Deepthi sunaina
  • Nandini Rai

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu voting Poll: For the 7’Th seven day stretch of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 6 Contestants has been Nominated for elimination. Kaushal Manda, Babu Gogineni, Ganesh And Amit Tiwari, Deepthi sunaina, Nandini Rai are the contenders assigned for the week.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote:

Bigg Boss Vote

Well, this time Bigg Boss present two simple methods to save your favorite contestant and the methods are describe below:

  • Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Through Online Voting Process
  • Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 Voting Through Miss Call

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote:  Missed Call Method:

Friends, you can esasily vote in favor of your most loved candidate of Bigg Boss Telugu through missed call strategy. This strategy is likewise one of the simple techniques to put your vote in Telugu Bigg Boss Season Two voting Polls.

So we should check how this procedure truly works:

  • In case you’re using this technique for Telugu Bigg Boss Live voting at that point it’s important to have a mobile phone in your hand.
  • Simply open your Mobile’s Dial Pad (Where you need to type the Contestant’s number/code).
  • At that point, enter the code or number of that candidate in your Dial Pad whom you want to vote.
  • The Number for every candidate is given below so simply check it Down.


Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Missed Call Numbers and Details:

The missed call voting likewise opened to enlist your vote in favor of most loved hopeful. To vote in favor of your most loved Bigg Boss competitor, simply type offer missed to below mentioned mobile number:

All Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Missed Call Voting Number Details :

Singer Geetha Madhuri 7729998801
Amit Tiwari 7729998813
Anchor Deepthi 7729998808
Taneesh 7729998811
Babu Gogineni 7729998805
Bhanu 7729998804
Deepthi sunaina 7729998812
Roll Rida 7729998807
Anchor syamala 7729998802
Damaraju kiriti 7729998816
Koushal 7729998817
Tejaswi 7729998806
Samrat 7729998815
Ganesh 7729998803
Sanjana  Anne 7729998814
Nutan Naidu 7729998809
Nandini Rai 7729998810

Star Maa “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” (Online Poll) Methods – Step by Step:

Viewers can vote in favor of ousting member by two strategies, Online survey and by giving missed call. There is a close connection between’s voting in the show and transfer. Since the challenger who flops in awing the group of audience may eliminate from the show.

If you don’t know, How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Online?

Here is the full steps for telugu big boss online voting:

  1. Go to Google and Search ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Vote’ (or) ‘bigboss telugu vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Vote'(Click here)
  2. After entering the search term, you will see three Eviction nominated participant.
  3. Now Sign in with you Gmail account in order to vote.
  4. Select your favorite participant from the list.
  5. Then click submit to Confirm your Vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu How To Vote Video:

Telugu Bigg Boss Show Season 2 Voting Rules and Regulations :

The team of Bigg Boss have put a few rules and regulations to enroll your vote. To enlist your vote you should take after these rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are as per the following

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting process is designed as that you can save your favorite candidate from being eliminated through your vote. Keep in mind you are not going to win any prizes or honors by voting.

  • To register your vote by searching Bigg boss Telugu vote online you need to have a valid Gmail account.
  • You can use your email id to register a maximum of 50 votes per week. You can use your another Gmail account to register more votes.
  • To vote your favorite participant using missed call method you should have a valid mobile number that is registered within India.

You can register maximum of 10 votes from one mobile number for a week. As it is a missed call you are not going to be the charge for registering your Telugu Bigg boss vote online.

There are several websites like ours who provide you with information and a simple voting poll, your votes will be not counted if your register your votes in these websites. Only votes registered on google and missed call method are counted.


Week 1 Sanjanna anne Eliminated
Week 2 Nutan Naidu Eliminated
Week 3  Damaraju kiriti Eliminated
Week 4 Shyamala Eliminated
Week 5 Bhanu Sree Eliminated
Week 6 Tejaswi Eliminated

Hope this article will be helpful for you to save your favorite contestant by Bigg Boss vote. And we’ll update the article as soon as we get new news about Bigg Boss contestants.