Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote: Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting Results

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Searching for Bigg Boss Tamil vote online procedure? Then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you about the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 vote and also online vote result, count, percentage & so on.

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 will be started soon. The show will air on Star Vijay TV with celebrity contestants from various categories. Now it will be interesting to see who will be the host of this show?

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting poll for season 3 will be conducted each week to eliminate one contestant from the show. Check out below know more about Bigg Boss Tamil vote online, missed call number, status, results, week elimination details.

Bigg Boss Tamil:

Bigg Boss Tamil is a popular reality show which turned into a colossal hit. The Tamil version of Bigg Boss debuted on 25th June 2017. The show went off-air on 30th September 2017. And the second season was started on 17 June 2018. Then the show went off – air on 30th September 2018. Now, everyone eagerly waits for its 3rd season. Let see, when it will be started? Till then read out here full details about the Bigg Boss Tamil vote online results and status, etc.

Here are the full details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote steps and technique. Every week three contestants will be choose for public voting. To find out about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting of Season 3, eliminated member Missed Call Number Details, read the full article carefully.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote:

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

The voting for Bigg Boss Tamil vote to be conducted on each & every week and one contestant going to eliminated from the show in weekend based on voting mechanism. The total number of contestants will going to stay for 100 days.

For eviction, every housemate should nominate two other co-contestants. The person who received most number of votes from housemates will be nominating for public poll. Check out below for more details regarding voting process.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil [Voting Process]:

Bigg Boss Tamil is also one of the popular versions of Indian Bigg Boss. In this big house the contestants are going to stay for up to 100 days under the observation of 60 cameras which covers a single corner of the house. Each and every week housemates nominate their house fellows for eliminate them from the show and who receives most number of nominations will have to go for public poll. So, if you want to save your favorite contestant then vote for them.

If you don’t know how to vote for your favorite contestant then no need to worry about that because here share the full details regarding the Bigg Boss Tamil vote online procedure which are mentioned below.

Well, there are basically two methods of Bigg Boss Tamil vote that are given below –

1st Method: Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Through Missed Call –

Friends, you can simply vote for your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil vote through missed call technique. This method is also one of the easy methods to place your vote in Tamil Bigg Boss Season 3 voting Polls.

Guys you can cast your vote by your mobile phone just giving a missed call to your favorite contestant. During voting time you can give 10 votes per person. To know missed call number details for your favorite contestant, check out below.

All Bigg Boss Tamil contestants missed call voting number details are not released yet because the new season hasn’t started yet. But whenever it’ll be started then we update all of the details regarding the Bigg Boss Tamil vote.

2nd Method: Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Through Online Voting Process –

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote through online voting process is given below. So let’s check how this process really works:

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting (Online Poll) Methods – Step by Step

Viewers can vote for nominated contestant by two methods, online poll and by giving missed call. There is an immediate relationship between’s voting in the show and disposal. Since the challenger who fails in awing the audience may eliminate from the show.

Here are the full steps for Bigg Boss Tamil 3 online voting:

Step 1: Type Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in Google.
Step 2: If the elimination process is added you can able to see the list of contestants in boxes.
Step 3: Before starting the voting make sure you are signed into your Google account
Step 4: You are given with 50 points and you can split the 50 points and give to any contestants.
Note: For example, You can vote 10 points to first one and 40 points to the second one.
Step 5: Finally click submit to confirm your vote.
Step 6: After successful submission, you redirected to the same page with the entered vote count.

Since the voting process for one email id one time, you cannot vote again with the same Email account. If you want to vote your favorite contest more means vote them with another email account as much as you can. Since Google allowed only one vote per email account is to stop fraudulent votes and fake votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil: How To Vote Video?

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result:

The Bigg Boss Tamil vote result of the elimination process is announced during the weekend of the show by the show host Kamal Hassan. The process of result announcement is directly told to the contestants by Kamal Hassan through the video conferencing, which is called Aham TV by the host.

After the Bigg Boss Tamil vote result announced the person who got low votes will be sent out.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count:

Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the popular shows and the voting process will be started from the first week of the show. And the Bigg Boss Tamil vote count starts from the first day of voting procedure. The Bigg Boss Tamil vote result will be announced on the weekends through the host of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Voting Rules and Regulations:

The Bigg Boss team has put some rules and regulations to register your vote. To register your vote you must follow these rules and regulations. The rules are as follows:

  • Bigg Boss Tamil Voting process is designed such that you can save your favorite contestant from being eliminated through your vote. Remember you are not going to win any prizes or awards by voting.
  • To register you’re voting by searching Bigg boss Tamil vote online you need to have a valid Gmail account.
  • You can use your email id to register a maximum of 50 votes per week. You can use your another Gmail account to register more votes.
  • To vote your favorite participant using missed call method you should have a valid mobile number that is registered within India.
  • You can register maximum of 10 votes from one mobile number for a week. As it is a missed call you are not going to be the charge for registering your Tamil Bigg boss vote online.

Here are complete details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting Poll) – Season 3, elimination Details. If you have any more doubt regarding voting process then comment below. For latest news and updates stay with us.

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