Study MBBS in USA

Study MBBS in USA

Hello Student I want to know are you really Interested to study MBBS in USA? Then you just read this article till the end and know all about study MBBS in USA. I hope this article really help you.

MBBS is the first choice of most of the Indian parents for their children. In India to be a doctor is not a cup of tea for most of the Indian students. Medical branch is treated as one of the most iconic among the students and parents of India. If a student clear the NEET entrance he is treated as celebraty in his locality. It is treated as one prestigious job in India. The students and parents are desperate to get this. It is not only treated as high profile job but also a job one should get.

MBBS is a good career option for every student after the completion of intermediate. Every parents want there son or daughter to do best in this field. Everyone know that United States of America is the one of the best place where you can get better environment and good technology to be good in medical field. So most of foreign students want to get a seat in USA . We can see the most of the Noble prize winner in this field from USA.

The study of medical in USA is totally different from most of European countries like Germany, Russia and most of Asian like china and Philippines. Most of the students confused how to study MBBS in USA. In order to get a seat in in USA students have to complete the pre medical course leading to bachelor of science then they can apply for study here. The medical system is well defined by USMLE(United States medical licensing examination). Another doubt that students face during thinking about the study MBBS in USA is that which is best college regarding their situation.

Why Study MBBS in USA ?

  1. One of the best advantage of having medical degree in USA is that one doesn’t require to appear FMGE (foreign medical graduation examination).
  2. Job opportunity for physicians and surgeons is expected to rise.
  3. The annual salary of an doctor in more than any profession not only in USA but also in all over the world.
  4. It also expected that the job for practice doctor will be increased in upcoming decade.

Structure of course

Medical college degree is considered as the second degree in the USA as bachelor degree in any subject like biology, chemistry and any other relevant course to apply for MD in USA. This BS degree is considered as the pre medical course. After completion of MD, students have to apply for a residency program based on their choice of specialization.


This is the foundation course of medical in USA. The native American go for 4 years bachelor’s degree while Foreigner like Indian go for sixteen month course. If one complete one or two years in medical related study the may skip the BS. But that totally depends upon the university he or she wants to study. English, chemistry,physics, biology, mathematics, anatomy, medical terminology and sociology are course during bachelor science.


After completion of pre medical you can apply for MD program in USA. This course is devided into two parts one is theoretical and one is practical stage. The theoretical increase your knowledge in medical field. Then students apply for USMLE 1( United States medical licensing examination) to go for practical stages.

In the practical students do externship. In this students are taught by doctor how to operate hospital and treating patient. Then they apply for USMLE 2.

Residency program

The qualified students of USMLE 2 are eligible for residency program. Duration of this program is 3 to 5 years depending upon the specialization choosen. Students are work in hospital to be experts in this field. Then they apply for USMLE 3 which is also known as licence exam. After passing this you can work as doctor in USA or any other country in which approve USA education system.

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