Who is the best SSD hosting provider in the US?

May be you are thinking why I am saying so, actually there are countless reason for this but here I would like to share with you only couples of reasons those are really important for you.

Simple story- I have more than 500 clients online, I have suggest more than 50% of client to use Fastcomet because there are-  

  • Free domain name forever
  • Amazing hosting
  • Awesome uptime upto 100%
  • Awesome price range, means affordable
  • SSL certificate
  • Awesome support team
  • Multiple locations
  • Easy to migrate their team is there to help you out
  • Easy tutorials to learn and so on.

  What their customers are talking about you must know because it is all about knowing their experience which helps to choose better plan for you, see always choose hosting after knowing your need.   Because it will help you a lot to be safe I mean to say you will not running out of your budget.   If you still want to read more then read here-   1. FREE domain for LIFE time   Sometimes you see promotional offers like domains for $1, but no company gives promotional offers on each year renewal. It costs $12-15 a year. With FastComet first year domain registration is FREE and also you get FREE renewals for life time.   2. 45 days full money back guarantee, no questions asked   When you buy hosting for the first time, you will have thousands of questions about their service, up time, whether they give all features they promise, are there any hidden costs, is my website secure from attacks, etc.Once you use FastComet services you will understand that their services are much more valuable than money you spent. I am pretty sure you will not cancel. But even In worst case, if you do not like, cancel it before 45 days, you will still get full amount you paid. This clearly shows how confident they are. Fastcomet is one of the leading and affordable web hosting company across the world. It is famous for its Affordable SSD Hosting solutions.   3. CloudFlare CDN for FREE   This is the best offering, if you buy CDN directly, it costs $20 per month. Hosting companies have minimal data centers (ex: HostGator have 2, BlueHost have 2), FastComet is much better as it have 7 data centers.But you certainly need CDN, if you want to grow your business. Selection of a Cloud Hosting service is depends on your requirements. According to your specific requirements you can choose the service provider. There many other factors to consider while selecting a best Cloud Hosting Provider for your Business:  

  • Popularity and Brand Name of Hosting Providers
  • Customers and Users Base
  • Money Back Guarantee and refund policy
  • Customer and technical supportSupport
  • 99.99 % Uptime

  Say, your hosting company have data center in US, and you have a visitor from UK or Germany, page loads slow for them, due to network latency. And no customers like the websites which loads slow.With CDN, your web pages are served from nearest CDN data center. CloudFlare have 116 data centers around the world. So your pages load faster from anywhere in the world. This will result in happy customers, higher google rankings, and successful business.   4. Free Website Transfer   If you want to switch your hosting, many hosting providers charge you $50-$150. FastComet does it for free in quickest time and they do it prefect.   5. SSD only Servers   SSD servers boost performance of your website. Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-ssd hosting providers. There are very few providers who have only SSD servers.   6. FREE cPanel     cPanel is the best control panel in the world to manage/configure your server and website. cPanel costs $16 per month if you buy on your own. But, do not worry, FastComet gives it for FREE.   7. FREE daily backups   Most of the Companies including Amazon, Digital Ocean, Vultr, charge customers for daily backups. They charge you minimum $0.05 per GB per month. So your website files (images, videos, data base, server, content) size is 100GB, you will be charged 0.05*100 = 5$ per month.But FastComet does this at FREE of cost.   8. Fixed prices with renewals and No surprises   Most of the hosting providers try to attract you with best promotional offer prices for first year only. But you will be shocked to see their renewal prices. I have personal experience where namecheap hosting gave me hosting for 3$ a month, after first year they quoted $12 a month for the same service. Then i moved to FastComet :)Make sure you enquire about renewal price of any hosting. With FastComet you are in good hands as renewal price is same as first year price, which is very rare in hosting industry.   9. FIVE LAYERS OF CACHING & SPEED OPTIMIZATION with Rocket Booster   You will benefit from having 3x more resources per account and 3x fewer users on a server with a high-performance php7 hosting environment consisting ofLiteSpeed LSAPIAPCOPcacheStatic and Dynamic Varnish   A web hosting company is expected to provide high speed connections, maximum uptime and total support to the clients and ensure the websites get the best exposure and are available to their visitors all the time.   Websites are a great way to inform people about your business; anyone can go to your company’s website and learn about the products and services you offer. It also acts as a way of getting new customers; also people can get your contact information for business enquiries. But, running a website is not as easy as it sounds; your website leaves a first impression this is why it is important for your website to work fine. When it comes to running a website successfully your web host plays a major role.   10. Fastest Server Response   TimeThe most important thing in hosting is how fast your web page loads. Your business, google ranking, customer satisfaction and every thing depends on it. FastComet is one of the best in industry. With their Free CDN, pages load much faster.   11. 100% UptimeUp   time is most important thing, you never want to have your website down for even one second. FastComet is best.   12. Unlimited Bandwidth   There are absolutely no restrictions on how much data transferred to your site, which means you can have unlimited users every day.   13. Dedicated Resources   When you have more concurrent users, you would need more RAM, CPU. Many companies promise some configurations of RAM, CPU, does not guarantee the resources allocated. If your resources are not guaranteed, your website will be definitely affected badly, when other websites which hosted on same server gets more traffic and uses high RAM and CPU.FastComet gives you dedicated 2GB RAM, 2 Core CPU. Irrespective of how other websites behaves which are hosted on same server, your resources are guaranteed, which is a biggest win.   Hosting depends on servers, vps servers for economy purpose, Dedicated servers if you have single business websites and applications to many websites, I personally suggest not to use the share hosting with my previous experience.   If you want to know about the best budget cloud hosting provider, you will have to shortlist the top companies, compare the features and plans of the best cloud server hosting services and compile the results. A simple and faster way of doing it is to look at the reviews posted by users of such services. Before that you must know the benefits of using the cloud for your business.   Because many of the promoter motive is to just to make sales by providing coupons and they fail to explain the feature of fastcomet. Hence Fastcomet deleted all coupons and some websites now having the coupons which don’t even work.   14. FREE 24/7 Priority Support   This is very important thing because you never know when you need help. You may need help with Server configurations, handling sudden spike in traffic, configure your CDN server, etc. Whatever be your question, you can chat with them, you will get response in less than 30 seconds.There are many companies make false promises about their support, but just go to their website and check for yourself. HostAdvice website reviews all hosting providers, see their review ratings.   15. Data centers placed strategically   While most of the hosting providers have 2-3 data centers, FastComet have 7 data centers. They also placed it strategically in every region. 2 US, 3 UK, 1 Asia, 1 Asia Pacific data centers.One amazing thing is you can shift among these data centers any time if you want. As i said earlier, they give CloudFlare for free, you literally have 116 data centers.   16. Does not allow sites which does spam, virus, gambling   In shared hosting 50-100 websites are hosted on same server, so every website gets same IP. Say one of those websites considered as Spam by google, they will blacklist that IP which affects all 50-100 websites badly in google ranking.I have own experience with my previous hosting provider NameCheap. I use Facebook API to publish my website posts to Facebook. One day, it was throwing error. Later i was told, some website hosted on same server, where my website hosted, has violated Facebook API rules, which badly affected my site.   17. Best Security and Hack-free   Protection Thousands of websites gets hacked every day. If you do not believe, just google it. There are big companies like Sony Pictures got hacked earlier. So, you should opt for hosting service which gives at most security features.FastComet partnered with BitNinja, one of the popular security suite which can defend your website from any attack.Apart from that they implement security at each and every level.   There are numerous of hosting companies in India offering cloud hosting services, but it’s hard to find the best budget cloud hosting company. Being in the hosting industry for more than 10 years I would surely answer the most affordable and budget web hosting company.   If we talk about the best hosting company registered in Dubai then it depends for which factors one consider best hosting. Today the most famous hosting companies are least reputed among techincal background people because they are aware of their poor service and bad uptime.   18. What ever be the platform, FastComet gives BESTWhat ever be the platform you use (wordpress, Joomla, Magneto, Social Engine, wooCommerce), FastComet is there to make your business successful.   19. Unlimited Email   Accounts and Amazing offers from their partnersYou get unlimited email accounts. If you send emails to your customers, it should go to their INBOX, rather than Spam folders. To achieve this, the server IPs from where your hosting happens should be highly reputed.FastComet uses 100% cleans IPs, and also It eliminates SPAM on nearly 100% and have close to 0 false positive. So you can be confident that your emails reach your customers every time smoothly.You also get good benefits from their partners.   For safer, faster and simpler cloud hosting services, I would suggest you to go with fastcomet, You can get cloud hosting with features like data mirroring, Integrated caching with advanced, customized NGINX/Varnish Caching configuration, automated failover, instant scaling, and resource monitoring at affordable cost there.   20. Amazing Real Customers Reviews:   Every hosting company keep some nice reviews about them on their own websites, it’s no big deal. You need to look at real customers views on public forums. You will be amazed to see what real customers say about FastComet.For that matter try to find any customer, who is not satisfied with FastComet, i have not seen any.Conclusion:I certainly feel FastComet is best and cheapest at $2.95 per month. You can also compare any hosting provider with FastComet in above aspects and conclude who is best.If you think logical, you should get a question that how come they provide so many features for cheapest price.   Reason is Web hosting is so competitive where more than 100+ companies competing, and every one wants to get more customers. As a customer, we should reap every benefit coming out of huge competition among hosting providers.

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